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Welcome to join our big family

We are full of creativity as we consider each task an opportunity, for which we remain vital and bring ideas making clients pride. We are full of imagination, but we are not dreamers. Feasibility and reality, which are closely related, both give strength for successful realization of our ideas. We treat our job with perfection and indulge with our full passion.


招聘 职位


展览/展厅/活动设计师Exhibition/ Exhibition hall activity de:

. 大专以上学历,年龄21岁-35岁

. 展览设计/装修设计/环境艺术设计专业

. 熟悉大型展览、展厅、活动的设计和材料应用

. 两年以上相关行业工作经验,能独立完成工作,有手绘能力优先

. 思维灵活,具有良好的沟通能力与团队合作精神


. College degree or above, 21-35 years old

. Majoring in exhibition design/decoration design/environmental art design

. Skillful in design and material application of large exhibition/exhibition hall activities

. More than two years of working experience in related industries; capable of independently completing tasks; hand drawing ca pability preferred;

. Flexible thinking; good communication ability and team cooperation spirit;

. Skillful in application of related software such as 3DMAX, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR etc.


项目执行Project execution:

. 大专以上学历,年龄21-35岁 
. 具有展览行业相关工作经验二年以上 
. 熟悉展览行业项目操作整体流程,对细节及进度能够完全掌控
. 有大型展览馆实际操作经验者优先 
. 形象气质良好,具有较强的沟通协调能力
. 身体健康、吃苦耐劳、有责任心踏实肯干 
. 擅长活动现场效果的表现和控制,对于展台搭建、灯光、音响、视频等设备比较熟悉,具有大型展览及活动实施经验具有一定的领导能力者优先

. College degree or above, 21-35 years old;

. More than two years of related working experience in exhibition;

. Skillful in entire process of exhibition project operation; capable of controlling details and progress;

. Actual operation experience of large exhibition is preferred;

. Good image and good temperament; strong communication and coordination ability;

. Good health, preparedness to work hard, strong sense of responsibility, steadfast and diligent;

. Skilled in performance and control of activity site effect; familiar with exhibition booth construction and equipment such as li.ghting, audio, video etc.; leading abilityof large exhibition and activity implementation is preferred;

业务代表Business representative:

. 大专以上学历,年龄21-30岁 
. 形象气质良好,具有较强的沟通协调能力
. 热爱销售工作,具有一年以上市场或销售方面的从业经验
. 开发新客户,独立承担开拓市场的职责 
. 维护与客户的良好关系 (客户访问,跟踪,服务) 
. 具有丰富的沟通协调能力,熟悉展览市场,具有较好的社交和业务开拓能力 
. 能独立开发客户,并独立完成展览项目的开发、谈判和签约 
. 踏实认真,热情进取,并具有高度的责任心及良好的团队合作意识 
. 有会展、广告、公关等相关行业销售经验者优先 
. 具有英文读写能力更佳

. College degree or above, 21-35 years old;

. Good image and good temperament; strong communication and coordination ability;

. Have passion on sales; more than one year of working experience in marketing or selling;

. Develop new clients and take responsibility of developing market independently;

. Maintain good relationship with clients (clients visit, tracking service);

. Strong communication and coordination ability; familiar with exhibition market; preferable social intercourse and business development ability;

. Capable of developing clients independently and completing development, negotiation and contract signing of exhibition projects;

. Steadfast, earnest, passionate and aggressive; have high sense of responsibility and good consciousness of teamwork;

. Sales experience in related industries such as exhibition, advisement, public relation etc. is preferred;

. English reading and writing ability is more preferable;







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